Activity Kits for You & Your Loved One with Alzheimer's

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What VISIT families are saying:

So easy to connect with no prep needed.

~ Anonymous VISITor

What VISIT families are saying:

I highly recommend it to caregivers, their families, and professionals.

~ Dr. Shirley Shrago Siff

What VISIT families are saying:

I’m so grateful for this service. VISIT gave me the framework to honor and enjoy our time together.

~ Elizabeth M.

What VISIT families are saying:

It takes the 'what am I going to do with Mom today' problem off my hands.

~ Laura D.

Do you want... remove anxiety of visiting?
...activities to fill your time?
...guidance on how to have the very best visits?

Then the Visit Kit is for you.

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Inside the VISIT Kit

Each kit has a different theme and story to read, and you'll always find a variety of diverse activities for you and your circle of family and friends to share time with loved ones living with Alzheimer's or dementia. In each box, you'll see:

Cognitive Activities

From matching images and puzzles to labeled maps and simple strategic games, our cognitive activities get the mind working in a fun and low-pressure way.

Social Engagement

Creative conversation starters and follow-ups based in long-term memory, Connection Cards guide you through an engaging conversation, whether two-sided or one-sided.

Sensory Stimulation

You might find dice, mini gardens, modeling clay, or music boxes, depending on the VISIT Kit's theme. These sensory experiences are therapeutic at every level.

Creative Expression

Not just "arts and crafts," activities include colorful shape-making, doodling, storytelling, and more. Creativity not only encourages focus & calm, but also helps access memories.

Guiding Instructions

VISIT Activity Cards give you options for how to use each item in the kit, helping you personalize your visits to different ability levels, moods, and memories.

Who is the VISIT Kit for?

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Benefits of the VISIT Kit

✓ Ready-To-Go Activities

Things to do for more positive social time together.

✓ Practical Guidance

To take the fear and anxiety out of spending time together.

✓ Designed for Dementia

Tested and reviewed by caregiving families and professionals.

Begin VISITing this summer!

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