The VISIT Kit beta launch - Fall 2020

Making visits positive and fun for caregivers and their loved ones with dementia.

Meaningful Visits

VISIT is a holistic program that guides caregivers in creating positive long-term relationships with their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease or other causes of cognitive decline and dementia. The VISIT subscription activity kit, guiding workbook, and app facilitate engagement and relationship-building - relieving caregiver stress and making the time you have together more meaningful and rewarding.

A Guided Solution

 Every kit comes with a specific theme and a set of activities that stimulate engagement and provide structure to visit times. Activities are designed to be used at any stage of dementia, and the VISIT workbook guides the caregivers through how to use each activity according to their loved one's specific level and abilities. 

Elements of the VISIT Kit


Cognitive Game

Based on the proven social/cognitive therapy techniques of Dr. Lynn Serper, cognitive activities are fun and engaging for both you, the caregiver, and your loved one. 


Sensory Object

Sensory objects, like clay, can be used to play a game or create some art... or your loved one can simply hold it, feel it, and understand its texture. VISIT always walks you through how to best use these objects for your relationship.


Social Engagement

Connection cards offer creative conversation starters that tap into long-term memory and personal history. Every card also walks you through how to have a one-sided conversation if your loved one is unresponsive, while still providing value to the visit.


Creative Stimulation

Creative activities have been shown to be therapeutic and stimulating for people with dementia. Connect in creativity and express yourselves!


VISIT Workbook

The Workbook guides you through how to use the VISIT Kit according to your loved one's specific abilities, mood, and personal history. Not only that - VISIT walks you through strategies that can be used to relieve stress in every daily interaction with your loved one, not only in moments when you are using the Kit.

About the App



After each VISIT, caregivers answer questions on their loved one's behavior, mood, and reactions. Over time, patterns will arise and caregivers can adapt care strategies to create the most rewarding visits.

Family Communication

Families can stay in the loop on their loved one's care through this communication tool. Securely share care responsibilities, updates, photos.

Additional Resources

A music and sound library, family photo album, and a collection of industry resources for caregivers add to the VISIT Kit experience.

A Tool for All

 VISIT provides the tools and guidance to engage with your loved one with dementia so you can impact their wellbeing and build a positive relationship. The subscription kit and app together provide resources and carefully designed activities that bring structure to visits, removing fear and hesitation in not knowing what to do or say around a person with dementia.

Not only building connection for you - these social visits, and the associated mental stimulation, are also vitally important for protecting the quality of life for your loved ones with dementia for as long as possible.

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